A New Furry Addition

To much delight we have added to our family with a new fuzzy and incredibly energetic puppy. I would like to introduce to you, Harley. Our fun-loving, bite everyone and everything, scurry under the bed like a mouse, cute addition!

Baby Harley

Baby Harley

  Of course the first day we brought him home he was clever enough to remain calm and trick us into thinking he was the perfect choice! As soon as he walked in the door he sat there looking up at us with those big honey brown eyes. Completely irresistable!!

First day home
First day home

How can you say no to a little man like this? We showed him around a little bit and tried to make him feel at home as best as possible but he found us humans to be incredibly boring and had no interest in playing whatsoever! I was offended to say the least! Instead, as the independent pup he is, he chose to explore his surroundings on his own. He was on a search for his secret hide-out, his place of comfort, and he quickly found it. Only Harley would scoot himself under the couch and leave just his little behind sticking out. The sweeter side of him of course. We were in love instantly with him and continued to fall in love with him throughout the rest of the evening. Everything he did was precious.

Secret Hideout
Secret Hideout

This was new for us, neither one of us raised a puppy to an adult dog and the only experience I have is our family dog which came into my life when he was already housetrained and full grown. We didn’t know what to do with this new baby who relied on us completely. We spent the rest of the night reading every online tip we could find. The choice to buy Harley was pretty random and spontaneous. We were sitting on our balcony that afternoon and came across and ad for puppies. We went, we saw, we bought. Done Deal. We were instant pet-parents.

 So through all the lack of sleep for that first week, we’ve finally gotten into our routine with him. He gets up once a night at 4:00am and he’s continued to be our alarm clock before work at 7:00am.  Here I was thinking my dark circle days were behind me…boy was I wrong!! If this is what motherhood is like, I’m prepared to wait a few more years!!

2 thoughts on “A New Furry Addition

    • Thank you for the encouragment! Puppy biting is very quickly climbing the charts to be one of our biggest issues at the moment but we’re trying to be consistant with the “no-bite” in a stern voice! It’s hard but so worth it! We love him SO much!

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