Looking for Mr. Right

It turns out that men are just as frustrating now as they were when you first became aware of their existence.  Men are ridiculouly pig-headed and stubborn. They are completely unable to express their feelings, because men have no idea what real strength is.  Men are obessesed with size and appearance. They are inherently jealous and suspicious, often paranoid about relationships, and will go to great lengths to avoid commitment.  And you know all those chidlish pet habits they had that you thought would eventually grow out of?  Well, they don’t.  Basically, they are unreliable and goofy,  because the fact is, men are not very bright.  It’s no wonder, then, that trying to have a quality relationship with a man can be the best way to bring on a migraine. Of course, its easy to ignore the downside and all the warning signs when an exciting new romance is just starting.  At this stage, you not only accept his pointless interests, you embrace them as “cute” and “quirky.”  You’ll do everything you can to maintain the relationships’s momentum.  So you can’t hear, or won’t listen to, that little voice in your head whispering “Danger, danger!! DOUCHE BAG ALERT!!!”  Instead you put all your feelings, hopes, and dreams into his hands, becoming a complete romantic martyr…. GROSS!! And then, all the sudden, you come crashing down to earth in the most dramatic fashion imaginable!!  All in all you’re left feeling like you’ve been soaking in a bathtub full of squid livers. Men…yeeee-uck!!!! Who REALLY needs them?!

 Basically there is no Mr. Right…theres only yourself and if you kiss a dude and it feels like your lips have been molested by a giant lemon…he’s not the one… Which is 99% of men in this world…!!!

So …cheers to being the independent woman you are….GO YOU!


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