23rd Birthday tomorrow!

I can’t believe I’ve been in this messed up world for 23 years…So much has happened thus far that I’m not sure I’m looking forward to whats ahead. But then again, what more could go wrong.  (Of course, now that I’ve said that…a house will fall on me or something insane like that!) At any rate…..the things I’ve learned are monumental to me and I’m impressed at how much I’m able to allow myself to grow more and more.  It’s so easy to get jumbled up in the little things, so when the big things happen, you aren’t prepared in the slightest to handle them…but with my background…there’s no mountain to tall for me….and I’m proud to say that.

In the past 2 or 3 years… I’ve learned that not only are people cruel…but if you’re not careful, you can turn into someone just as cruel.  Also that if you want something done…do it yourself.  Laugh at all the terrible things people do to you…eventually the laughter will shatter their ugly world…and hopefully make it a bit brighter. Whats the point in fighting? There’s bigger problems about to come into your life….no one deserves the time and effort it takes to form a fist and throw your arm towards them. It’s just a waste of your own energy, no matter how horrible the person may seem….its just not worth it. I used to be a fighter…and for the last year, I handled a situation with as much grace and dignity as possible, leaving me feeling at times so frustrated but…I continued on and eventually…it all blew over…without wasting the energy to form a fist. 🙂  I’ve learned that in loving someone wholeheartedly, it takes patience…it takes the life right out of you, so its important not to let that consume you…keeping yourself all to your own. Selfishness is only acceptable when it comes to your heart.  And sometimes…people change…they aren’t who they used to be…and thats okay, that just means you’ve grown too. And growing apart, is okay..so accept it…and see what else life has to offer. I’ve not only had my heart broken, but I broke someones heart as well….and although the two are very different experiences, It’s changed my perspective forever. Next amazing guy to come into my life, gets a fresh new me! Respect is huge too….and if you aren’t feeling happy 99.9% of the time…then something needs to go!

So….thats my birthday message….thats what I’ve learned…..and I suppose I am looking forward to learning more lessons in life….I just hate having to go through the rough patches to get there…..


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